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Thursday 30th June 2022


‘Old Paradise Yard’

20 Carlisle Lane (Royal Street corner) next to Archbishop’s Park.



Film Talks : 15 Conversations on Experimental Cinema

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Scatch Collection

Lightcone Scratch Collection

Luminor Hotel De Ville, Paris

Oct 8th – November 18th 2021

Curated by Vivian Ostrovsky

‘Loyal to her feminist position, Vivian Ostrovsky has discovered during her residency at Lightcone new female voices from contemporary cinema, all the while revisiting some landmark figures who have left an imprint in the history of experimental cinema, to present a programme made up of exclusively of films by women.’



San Francisco Cinematheque

September 15th – 23rd 2021

Programme no 7 – No More Carefree Laughter


Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 15.19.28

Scratch Projection

Lightcone, Paris

January 18th 2021

Book Launch Screening :

Experimental Film and photochemical Practices –

Kim Knowles



Light Field

13th – 15th March    2020

San Francisco



Artefact Small Film Festival

2-4th of April 2020

Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers
Calgary, AB Canada



Revolutions Per Minute Film Festival

1 -3 Feb 2020

The Art Department and Cinema Studies Program at UMass Boston

At the onset of his landmark essay Towards A Minor Cinema, Tom Gunning quotes Deleuze and Quattari: There is nothing that is major or revolutionary except the minor.
For RPM 2020, we ask, what is “minor cinema” today and what can it do for us, our consumption of media, our relationship with the environment, our world?



Memos For The Next Millenium

London Short Film Festival
ICA, London
10th January 2020

Prisme #2

Nantes, France

4th -11th December 2019





2st November 2019



Double Vision – Experimenta

London Film Festival

Sunday 06 October 2019 12:30
BFI Southbank, NFT3


Zones à Construire
Nuit Blanch, Paris

Saturday 05 September


Gimli Film Festival

24th to 28th July 2019

Mattering and Uttering : programme of 16mm film


Winnipeg Underground Film Festival 2019

May 31st – June 1st

Winnipeg, Canada



24 – 27th May 2019

Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research
Oxfordshire,  OX10 6AN

United Kingdom

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On the Encounter of Species
PROCESS   – Riga, Latvia

March 20th to 24th 2019


PRISME    no.1       –        Nantes,   France

7th – 10th of December

For the first edition of PRISME, Mire would like to share its knowledge of an analog filmmaking made around the world which, more than a simple activity, is a real exploration process.  Claiming ways of seeing, doing and thinking above all, PRISME lets cinema freeze or expand, presents pioneering practices and discussions about the future, opens to photography, visual, performative, sound arts.

In the wake of Bains Argentiques, international artist-run filmlabs meeting that Mire organized in 2016, PRISME celebrates current analog film practices and dynamics as well as promoting the networks that are committed to its development, artistic experimentation in general, and do it yourself philosophy.

MireExperimental cinéma & moving image   – more info


Media City Film Festival | 22st Edition

Media City Film Festival is an annual international festival for film and video art. est.1994 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Field and Frame  @  MONO NO AWARE, New York, USA

Sunday 21st October

Jenny Baines, Bea Haut and Laura Hindmarsh

Present both before and behind the camera, Baines, Haut and Hindmarsh use film structures and materiality to map out subjectivities, landscapes and consequent interlacing dialogues. Activating places and spaces, this program rebounds with echoes and absorptions, the self and the body, drawing perimeters and crossing them.


Visions in the Nunnery

Frieze First Thursday Performance Evening, Thurs 4 Oct, 6-9pm
A night of cutting-edge performance exploring themes of sexuality and gender. Featuring Alexandra Davenport, Rosie Gibbens, Laura Greenway, Bea Haut, Marcus Orlandi, Liene Steinberga Cesar and Emily Whitebread.

More info


       AVANT : Doing, Haut and Pope. Loophole Cinema and more

                           28th – 29th of September 2018

        Kristinehamn Art Museum; Cinema Arenan, Karlstad. Sweden



Independent Film Show  –   Naples, Italy

                  22nd and 23rd of June

INDEPENDENT FILM SHOW 18th edition has in common inexhaustible film inventiveness and handcrafted film manuality, the film-makers are able to modify the ductile time’s membrane till the meditative trance, orientating the cognitive experiences to different directions. These three programs reveal authentic essences, achieved by the independence to face every human aspect without inviolable rules; these films present strong stimuli temporarily leading to an enchanting land where light illuminates the visible and audible soft borders.


After 68 : The Economy of Resistance

                                Saturday 12th May

                               Whitechapel Gallery



Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival

               3rd to 6th May 2018

              Hawick, Scotland

Investigations : Saturday 5th May

Filmmakers Symposium : Creative Strategies – 3rd of May



Strange Umbrellas  #19

               20th March 2018



                        Cafe OTO,
                  18-22 Ashwin St,
London E8 3DL


Light Field

7 -10 December 2017

San Francisco

Analogue Recurring 2017

Friday 21st of July

Lo & Behold,
2b Swanfield Street
E2 7DS


Tickets available here

Dis)appearances, Black Box 
Edinburgh International Film Festival

28th June + 2nd of July

more info

‘Suspended between appearing and disappearing, presence and absence, the legible and the illegible, the films showcased here explore perceptual limits and the spaces between. A gradually deteriorating VHS tape, fragments of old colour 16mm film stock, traces of memory, glimpses of light and shadow, forms emerging and dissolving – our attention is moved from the figurative to the abstract, finding focus and then losing it again.’

Structural Film

Process Festival   22 – 25 March

Riga , Latvia

Why Analogue ?

16mm Film Screening

@ University for Creative Arts, Farnham Cinema

Wednesday 22nd February 2017

4 – 6 pm

frameburstingposter-1Frame Bursting

16mm Film Evening @ SIGN

Groningen, Netherlands

18th February 2017

Curated by Bernardo Zanotta

new-shorts-experiments-celluloid-traces-w640h480Celluloid Traces, London Short Film Festival
ICA Cinema, The Mall, SW1Y 5AH

Sunday 8th January 2017 


More Info at LSFF

untitled-1-25_25-x-10_4-2016-j-baines-copyAction Films
Bea Haut, Jenny Baines and Vicky Smith

BEEF @  The Cube Microplex
4 Princess Row, BS2 8NQ, Bristol

Saturday 3rd December   –    8pm

BEEF presents an evening of single and double-screen 16mm projections and live performances emphasizing bodily encounters, gestures and inscriptions. Acts of physical endurance are combined with explorations of space, place and the environment. The three artists engage in different but overlapping ways with the material and mechanical specificities of celluloid film, incorporating humour and absurdity. Expect bodies, bicycles, feet, and a participatory ‘living film loop’.

findingfocus_stillField and Frame

Close Up Film Center @ 97 Sclater Street, London E1 6HR

Friday 26th August

Having shared a studio for two years; Bea Haut, Jenny Baines and Laura Hindmarsh here bring together their respective film work, using the screening as a conversation between the individual works and a chance to examine the echoes, absorptions and outcomes of their interlacing practices. Q&A with Kim Knowles.

More Info and Tickets



5th – 7th August 2016


Braziers Park, Oxfordshire

Cephalopod is a collaborative film-based hub taking residence for the weekend of Supernormal 2016. Their striking mollusc-inspired shed hidden deep in the woods will host a scheduled selection of events from BEEF members and friends; including a 16mm film drop in workshop as the cephalopod transforms into a darkroom, screenings from BEEF members & friends, and a performance of experimental live soundscapes from Saltings & sound explorations and excursions from BEEF members.

Supernormal Festival Shed Commissions


MIREBains Argentiques
International Artist-run Film Labs meeting
Nantes, France

  3 -10th July 2016


Part of the European Cooperation Project RE MI

Logo RE MI

Bea Haut abject noise ANALOGUE! ACCIDENT! ALCHEMY!

27th June


@ Close Up Cinema

Four Corners and the East End Film Festival present a panel discussion, chaired by Helen Dewitt, focusing on the use of analogue film technologies in a predominantly digital age; with the participation of Nicholas Abrahams, Douglas Hart, Bea Haut. With extensive experience working with Super 8, 16mm, alternative chemical processing and analogue video this panel will discuss the pros, cons, pitfalls and practicality of such technology.

More Details



Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016

Black Box Shorts 1: In the Body of Technology 

Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st June 

This short experimental film programme reflects on the way technology dialogues with the body, creating a two-way process of transformation. Gestures and movements are broken down and analysed, destabilised and defamiliarised. The physicality of the body meets the material of film and digital, migrating through forms and layers and creating new perceptions and experiences. The screening ends with a live performative intervention that connects the filmmaker, the audience, the filmstrip and the projected image. [PG]
Details here


 ARpicAnalogue Recurring

Friday June 10th

Lo & Behold
2b Swanfield Street

London E2 7DS

Analogue Recurring is an experimental 16mm screening event, which illuminates the mechanical processes and materiality inherent in analogue film. Embracing a DIY ethos the event celebrates contemporary celluloid film in the digital age; a field continuously redefining it’s self as durational and durable. Including many new works hot of the rollers.

Artists : Jenny Baines, Louis Benassi, Karel Doing, Nicky Hamlyn, Lucy Harris, Bea Haut, Laura Hindmarsh, Jim Hobbs & Russell Duke, Christine Lucy Latimer, David Leister, Bill Leslie, Michael Lyons, Aurélie Percevault & Antoine Ledroit, Luis Macias, Sophie Michael, Haley Peterson, Klara Ravat, Vicky Smith & Bouche Bée and Mary Stark.


sheetinLarch (1)DiStillery

An exhibition and sale of photographs

Thursday 26th May 2016

5 – 9pm

Lo & Behold
2b Swanfield Street
London E2 7DS

René Clair, Entr’acte, 1924

René Clair, Entr’acte, 1924

100 YE∀ЯS OF DADA: Film is Dead – Long Live Dada: A Short Film Competition

20 May 2016

8:30 pm



Bea Haut14Contact – A Festival of Experimental Film and Video

Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of May

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 

12 -17 April 2016


Emma_HartOur Machines

Saturday 27th February
16mm film performances by
Bea Haut at 3:30pm
Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo at 4:00pm
David Leister & Lucy Harris at 5:00pm

Open 14th February- 12th March 2016 (Saturday and Sundays 12- 5pm)
Preview 13th February 2016 6.30-9.30

Observer Building, Cambridge Road Hastings, TN34 1DT

curated by Louise Colbourne –

“Our machines are disturbingly lively, and we ourselves frighteningly inert.” 
(Donna J. Haraway)


Defenestration..B.HautA Matter of Visibility: International Avant-Garde and Artists’ Cinema
Museum of Moving Image, New York City

Saturday 23rd January 2016

More Info
    &      Film Notes

  Organized by guest curator Mónica Savirón, this program presents New York and American premieres of strong new, experimental work in conversation with rarely seen works by avant-garde masters such as Lis Rhodes and Chantal Akerman. These artistic views have the ability to enhance our perception through symbolism, transformation, and a keen sense of creative freedom.   
Works include: Reportage ! (by Rei Hayama. Japan, 2015), Across (Cara Morton. Canada, 1997), Pixel Jungle (Klara Ravat. Spain/Germany, 2015), Cross Worlds (Cécile Fontaine. France, 2006), The Tower (Salomé Lamas. Portugal, 2015), Trois strophes sur le nom de Sacher (Chantal Akerman. France, 1989), Maschile, Roma (Friedl vom Gröller. Austria/Italy, 2015), Her Silent Seaming (Nazli Dinçel. U.S., 2014), Defenestration (Bea Haut. U.K., 2015), Nocturno (Naoko Sasaki. Canada, 2003), and Light Reading (Lis Rhodes. U.K., 1978).


SequenceImageMotion in Form II @ Slade Research Center

Thursday 10th December 2015
6 – 9pm

Artists – Jenny Baines, Oliver Bancroft, Melanie Counsell, Benedict Drew, David Leister, Bea Haut, Jim Hobbs, Jayne Parker and Guy Sherwin

7th – 10th December : This event will include 16mm film workshops, seminars, live performance, and a day of film installations. It will include work by staff and students from the Slade School of Fine Art and the University of Greenwich. ‘Motion in Form II’ will act as a platform for debate about the relevance and specific qualities of analogue film, as well as its extension into other media.



media city-GRID-

        Media City Film Festival

             Friday, July 31, 2015 | 9:30 PM
             Capitol Theatre | 121 University Ave West, Windsor


Analogue Recurring 2015Analogue Recurring

Friday 17th July


Lo & Behold,
2b Swanfield street, E2 7DS

Analogue Recurring is an experimental screening event, which illuminates the mechanical processes and materiality inherent in analogue film. Embracing a DIY ethos, new and contemporary analogue films are screened and performed. The event is platform to discuss and  enjoy the visceral pleasures of analogue films and their projectors.
This is contemporary analogue film continuously redefining it’s self as durational and durable in the di
gital age.


Bea Haut abject noiseEdinburgh International Film Festival 

Black Box Shorts 1: Placing Performance, Staging the Self –  22nd and 26th June

Expanding notions of performance though the material, the spatial, the personal and the relational.

Displaying a wide range of technical and conceptual approaches, the films in this programme question the role and nature of performance beyond the strictly theatrical. Not acting but acting out in ways that force us to see, experience and understand things differently. Here, performance sets up critical relations between people and places, and weaves a complex fabric of fluid and interchanging selves. What is performance and, most importantly, what isn’t?


A Hand Processing Film Workshop with Philip Hoffman

20-21 June 2015, 10am to 6pm

Double Negative Dark Room
178A Glyn Road, London E5 0JE
Price for 2-day workshop: £225 (includes 2 rolls of film per participant and chemistry)
More Info and Booking through LUX

————————————————————————————————————————       Exquisite_Corpse

         One Hundred Foot III Collaborations

                  Friday 15th May  –  7pm

         Lo& Behold – 2b Swanfield street,

                   London E2 7DS

  A 16mm film curatorial project Produced by Jim Hobbs

Artists: Carla Garcia & Calum Watt, m Hobbs & Dennis McNany, Eric Stewart & Dan Stangl, Oliver Bancroft & Will Hanke, Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo, Emilie Atkinson, Karel Doing, Rosalind Fowler, & James Holcombe, Richard Bevan & Sophie Michael, David Leister & Christel Chaudet, Patrick Beveridge & Mikhail Kozlov, Denis Masi & The The, Terry Wragg & Jez Coram, Jenny Baines & Bea Haut, Simon Liu & Brian Cooper, Sophie Michael & Astrid Everall, Martha Jurksaitis & Kathy Alberici, Nick Collins, Louisa Fairclough & Richard Glover


Malcome le Grice   The Dream that kicks: Film Doubled

                                         Sunday 19th April – 6pm

 Oslo Cinemateket – Norway

 Projectors invade the auditorium to reveal seven amazing double screen works – three seminal classics and four from the British new analogue wave. Interaction, juxtaposition, synchronization and repetition drive these films. The action here is not just happening on the filmstrips – it also belongs in the moment of projecting.

Malcom LeGrice, William Raban, Richard Bevan, Bea Haut, Jenny Baines, Karel Doing and Paul Sharits

       Analogue Recurring:2       Analogue Recurring

        @ London Short Film Festival

                           Sunday 18th January 2015  

                                          at 6pm

                     ICA , 12 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH                 

      more Info and tickets


  Abject Noise 2014 Laura Hindmarsh     Synchronised Fallibles  

    Laura Hindmarsh & Bea Haut

                 Tuesday 14th October


     One night installation exhibition only

                                    Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, London E2 9EG

 Australian artist Laura Hindmarsh and London based artist Bea Haut bring together two 16mm film based works featuring the artist embodied within the frame. Present and exposed, yet deceptive through the coupling of alterations in time and space, these works complicate human gestures and suggest a viewing experience perceptive of the form. Running for one night only as a looped gallery based installation on 16mm film.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————seeing the Hidden

             Seeing The Hidden

                       18th October


          DEPTFORD CINEMA         

          39 Deptford Broadway  SE8 4PQ

   Cinema and science meet in an event with playful talks and serious visuals.

                                                    More info ….


       doubleAnalogue Recurring –  Double Vision

                             Friday 18th July


        Lo & Behold, 2b Swanfield Street, London E2 7DS

Analogue Recurring is a 16mm film-screening event, a celebration and study of analogue film and projections. Exploring the mechanical processes and the visceral pleasures of this art form, this occasion delights in the materiality of celluloid film as well as in the performative nature of analogue projections. This show is a contemporary selection of artists and film-makers, who, in the digital age choose to engage with analogue film. Double Vision is particularly focus on double screen works, many of them made for this event, which will be projected on David Leister’s synchronised dual 16mm projectors.

Artists include : Jenny Baines, Oliver Bancroft, Richard Bevan, karel Doing, Mat Fleming, Sally Golding, Lucy Harris, Bea Haut, James Holcombe, David Leister, Sophie Micheal, Katie Miller, Giusy Pirotta, Greg Pope, Mai Spring and Daniela Zahlner

                                        Produced by Bea Haut          Technically upholstered by David Leister            Hosted by Lo & Behold




DNDRDouble Negative Darkroom Spring Salon DNDR logo

Exhibition Private View

Sat 10th May 7pm- til late

178A Gln Road E5 Oje

More details



   Thursday 3rd & 4th April 2014

One Hundred Foot II is the second gathering of filmmakers’ and artists’ 16mm films. As an industry standard, 100 feet of film (approximately 3 minutes) is the given length for a small spool of 16mm film. This given/standard/restraint has been used by artists in the past and remains a pertinent form/format for creating films. Utilizing this number, a film can be conjured up within the parameters of two distant but specific points – 0 and 100. In understanding that film, as opposed to digital, is measured in this tactile and physical form of length, the filmmaker/artist must address the issue of time through the measurement of a material length. For some, this constraint is seen as a time limit; for others, it becomes a finite amount of physical material in which to construct a work, similar to a sculptor’s material.

Curated by Jim Hobbs        Master of Ceremony  David Leister            Hosted by Lo & Behold

2b Swanfield Street, London E2 7DS                             more info

Artists  :     Luke McCreadie, Bea Haut, Joanna Byrne, Louise Colbourne, Jim Hobbs, Richard Bevan, Jayne Parker, Sophie Michael, Jennifer Nightingale, Oliver Bancroft, James Holcombe, Denis Masi, Jenna Bliss, Vassilis Vlasatras, Vicki Thornton,  Stephen Broomer, Lucy Harris, Nick Collins, Jenny Baines, David Leister, Vicky Smith


screenscapes            SCREENSCAPES 

     Friday 28th March 2014 – 7pm

         collective-iz invites you to: Screenscapes – a screening of artist’s film, video and sound.

In 1983, Deke Dusinbeere stated in his programme notes for Avant-Garde British Landscape Films at the Tate, that – even when culturally and physically we are incapable of sharing the same view – we can all appreciate the  need to search for a new representation of the world, for new terms in which to envisage the future.’ * The artists in this programme continue this search, engaging and revealing through ‘light, colour, movement and texture’ * a diverse landscape with infinite ways of seeing it.

Artists include: Luke Aspell, Jenny Baines, Nick Collins, Chris Paul Daniels, Nicky Hamlyn, Bea Haut, Jamie Jenkinson, Jennifer Nightingale, Damien Monteau, Gareth Polmeer, Action Pyramid, John Smith and Sally Troughton.

* Deke Dusinberre, Introduction to Avant-Garde British Landscape Films programme notes, Tate Gallery, 3-21st March 1975, From Undercut 7/8 spring 1983 special issues on landscape film and photography and video.

Apiary Studios   – 458 Hackney Rd, London E2 9EG                                                           Collective-iz

£3 entry


pop up cinema flyer   35mm Pop Up Cinema  

  Friday 6th December 2013

Projecting films on David Leister’s ‘portable’ 35mm Fumeo projector, this evening has been concocted to set a challenge to artists and filmmakers to experiment within the 35mm frame yet work outside of industry parameters. Continuing with an interest in celluloid film’s materiality and the performance of projection, Analogue Recurring would like to provoke  DIY film technologies, help define contemporary artist’s analogue film production and confound the general view that analogue film is dead.’

 Lo & Behold, 2b Swanfield Street, London, E2 7DS


Studio Door

Studio Door


    Saturday 12th October 2013

A series of short exhibitions and performance events by seven artists that predominantly work with analogue film and installation. They will each install a new work, or new composition of works at the Project Space at various points from the months of July through to October 2013.

The remit is purely to explore the sculptural possibilities of film installation within the project space. This will be an opportunity for the artists to experiment with the methodologies and material of celluloid film and projected light, as well as the expanded cinematic qualities of film as performance and form.

A full listing of the artist’s information and event dates will be posted here:

  @ Electro Studios Project Space,  St. Leonards on Sea


solarised girl_thm         Emitters of Light                                                            No.W.Here Open Studio 

  Thursday 3th October,   6-9pm.                            316-318 Bethnal Green Road, E2 0AG
  Friday 4th to Sunday 6th, 11am-6pm.                                      opens its laboratory and studio to reveal film installations and screenings of works made within the very space they are shown. Drawing upon an incredible body of work made by’s members, moving image art will be installed and projected within the lab as an immersive experience.
These works combine digital technologies with a deep understanding and engagement with the material, mechanical and chemical nature of film. Continuously looping and playing, the works will be situated in relation to the machines in which they were made, drawing out an understanding of the capabilities of these ’emitters of light’ and bringing a deeper appreciation of the qualities of film as a vital and important contemporary material.

Artists: Karel Doing, Peter Gidal, Maria Anastassiou, Bea Haut, Jenny Baines, Vicky Smith, Oliver Bancroft, Patrick Beveridge and more!                 


Black & White



         7th -8th September 2013

Photography, film, sound art, workshops and talks


Analogue.RR. small

 ANALOGUE RECURRING                       @  Lo & Behold, London

  Thursday 25th April 2013

     Analogue Recurring is a celluloid film-screening event, a celebration and study of analogue film and projections. Exploring the mechanical processes and the visceral pleasures of this art form, this occasion delights in the materiality of celluloid film as well as in the performative nature of analogue projections. This show is a contemporary selection of artists and film-makers, who, in the digital age choose to engage with analogue film.

Artists 2013 : Maria Anastassiou, Jenny Baines, Oliver Bancroft, Louise Colbourne, Karel Doing, Sally Golding, Nicky Hamlyn, Bea Haut, Lucy Harris, Jim Hobbs, David Leister, Sophie Micheal, Giusy Pirrotta, Greg Pope, Vicky Smith and Jutu Van der Made


Material Light – 2nd March 2013  Richard wentworth, black maria logo

16mm celluloid film screening.
Artists film and archive program.
Celebrating the pre cinema days of it’s original incarnation as Edison’s film production studio, Black Maria will play host to an evening of 16mm projection featuring a mix of artist’s and archive films that contain elements of architecture, space and light.  Perspective, performance and gesture are all emphasized in a programme that reflects the process of celluloid filmmaking. Films by Lucy Harris, Bea Haut, Jim Hobbs, David Leister, Sophie Micheal, Alia Syed and Emily Richardson.

Black Maria in The Crossing
1 Granary Square
N1C 4AA London
United Kingdom
Saturday, 2 March 2013 from 19:30 to 22:00