Analogue Recurring 2017

 Analogue Recurring 

Friday 21st June

Lo & Behold
2b Swanfield Street
London E2 7DS


  BUY TICKETS   –   £6


Analogue Recurring is an experimental screening event, which illuminates the mechanical processes and materiality inherent in analogue film. Embracing an artist-run, DIY ethos this event is a platform to enjoy the live-ness and performativity of contemporary celluloid film; a field continuously redefining it’s self as durational and durable, expansive and in touch.

Artists : Jenny Baines, Louis Benassi, Mark Jenkin, Laura Flack & Georgie George, Lucy Harris, Bea Haut, Jim Hobbs & Mordant Music, David Leister, Jane Madsen, Tomonari Nishikawa, Greg Pope, Margaret Rorison, Mónica Savirón, Mary Stark & David Chatton Barker,  Lijana Siuchina, Nina Żabicka and Jeff Zorilla.




Nina Żabicka - Why Bother with Celluloid 2016




The Road to Zennor 2016 - Mark Jenkin Louis Benassi 2017