16mm film

pending      Pending
16mm, B&W, Silent, 2.4 mins

Pending is a 100ft length of film formed into a ‘living loop’ by the audience, before being taken up and played out by the projector. This interlacing creates a sympathetic film which conjoins the audience, the artist and the subject in an act of duration and suspension


  Defenestration..B.Haut     Defenestration

     16mm B&W , optical Sound, 4 mins

Mixing up film and domestic structures, this film reaches beyond the frame, testing out access and escape, aperture and portal.
The letraset sound also bumps its way  across the frame boundary into the visible.



Abject Noise 2014      

         Abject Noise

   16mm B&W, optical sound, 3.5 mins

A study of the optical sound strip on film, where light triggers sound. Objects as noise, passing across and out of the visible film frame, then through the unseen strip.

The artist, the action, and the consequent sound, all skirt around the edges of the visible. Interrupting the usual boundaries of framing and structure, this is an extended format film, asking the viewer to see what isn’t in view and to hear the shape of things.




Passage   Passage
  16mm, Double Screen, B/W, silent. 2.5 mins
Crossing time and space to meet at an interstice, a point, a gap, a moment full of absence. Luminous objects of light evidence discontinuity and differing scales of field and frame.
Splitting Fury    
    Splitting Fury
  35mm     B/W    silent    1 minute

Sticking the frames of a double shoot in 16mm onto 35mm frames gave me the sense that I could locate the split, and the moments and place them into synchronization. However the resulting film has a life of it’s own and has evaded my determinations. The film frames are material and won’t sit still, they have taken up running along with the length of the film on its journey through the projector whilst a frenzy of wood splitting takes place.


I Saw, I See, I Look     

  I Saw, I See, I Looked

  16mm   B&W   silent   8 mins

This is a tri-part film that began as an enquiry into the film structures created by the practical limitations of solo film-making with a 16mm, clockwork Bolex camera. Centrally a series of actions: deconstructing, surveying and measuring, but within the layers of repetition and poetics a construction of a subjective self emerges.

Bea Haut


      16mm B & W film, silent, 2.5 mins

A tactile plane of film emulsion, process and action performed. Examining the lines and scratches accrued by celluloid film during it’s travels through processing and printing machines, projectors and reels; striving to control her materials and her environment, the artist makes her mark. Action and material, gesture and touch, patina and impression.
bush still 30
       16mm, B/W, silent, 2.5 mins
A gardening Feat.
Taming nature, containing chaos, mastering the wilderness. Domestic heroism.

still for Arm, Flexion, Extension  Arm, Flexion, Extension

    16mm B & W film, silent, 2.5 mins
Arm, Flexion, Extension is a study of domestic time and space. Haphazardly hand processed 16mm film blurring the distinctions between the darkroom and the kitchen sink. Task as performance: A mundane action turned into an imperative gesture, the author struggles to control her environment. Slipping between a narrative of DIY and a meditation of light and intervening matter as shadow. Base material pulses between the abstract and the everyday.