Analogue Recurring 2016


ARpicAnalogue Recurring 2016
Friday 10th June 2016


Lo & Behold
2b Swanfield Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 7DS

Analogue Recurring is an experimental 16mm screening event, which illuminates the mechanical processes and materiality inherent in analogue film. Embracing a DIY ethos the event celebrates contemporary celluloid film in the digital age; a field continuously redefining it’s self as durational and durable.

Jenny Baines, Louis Benassi, Karel Doing, Nicky Hamlyn, Lucy Harris, Bea Haut, Laura Hindmarsh, Jim Hobbs & Russell Duke, Christine Lucy Latimer, David Leister, Bill Leslie, Michael Lyons, Sophie Michael, Luis Macias, Aurélie percevault & Antoine Ledroit, Haley Peterson, Klara Ravat, Vicky Smith & Bouche Beé  and Mary Stark

Programme Notes Here

Produced by Bea Haut
Technically Upholstered by David Leister

Hosted by Lo & Behold

With Thanks to Lucy Harris

 The Watershow Extravaganza, 2016 . 3) Nature Morte (Still Life with Orchid and Sound) Street Hassle 2016. Louis Benassi 9 Objects 2016 - Bill Leslie Button Box Blast Still Feeling Blue about Colour Separation 2015 - Christine Lucy Latimer Gestation 2016 - Haley Peterson Honoré Nicolas 2015 - Nicky Hamlyn The Kiss 2014. Luis Macias Model village 2016. Lucy Harris & sound by Sybella Perry Pending 2016 - Bea Haut Pixel Jungle 2015 - Klara Ravat. In the wake of #2 . 2014 -Antoine Ledroit & Aurélie Percevault Space Time Continuum, 2016. David Leister Katagami. 2016. Michael Lyons is a researcher, artist, and educator living in Kyoto, Japan.

Monumental Errors Finding Focusleft