Analogue Recurring Programme Notes 2016

Analogue Recurring 2016

Friday 10th June

Lo & Behold


Primal                                                2016               – Vicky Smith and Bouche Bée
16mm, live sound, 10 mins
A new collaboration between filmmaker Vicky Smith and Bouche Bée.
(sound improvisation by Emmanuelle Waeckerlé/ voice and objects Petri Huurinainen/prepared guitar) Marks and sounds are caused by instinctive bodily impulses triggered by one another. They evolve simultaneously with the projected film, yet out of sync with it because of the loop delay. It is within this narrow lapse of suspended time and space that a primal dialogue between sound and image takes place.

Honoré Nicolas                                   2015                           – Nicky Hamlyn
16mm, B&W, silent, 4 mins
A series of shots of an east-facing garden, all made from the same camera position in a street in Arles, Provence, over a one week period. The Mistral wind blows, sending the curtain that conceals a car-port into wild ecstasies.

Button Box Blast                                   2016                          – Mary Stark  
B&W OPT sound , 3 mins
A box of buttons explodes into a chance pattern of light and optical sound. The buttons were placed one-by-one along a length of film in the dark room, which was exposed with a torch and processed by hand. Salvaged from a car boot sale, the discarded forms of the buttons are set free to dictate the duration, form and rhythm of a film.

Pixel Jungle                             2015                            – Klara Ravat
16mm, colour, silent, 3.5 mins
35mm shots of Madrid are digitally expanded and rearranged to emulate the sensations of another city: Barcelona. The patterns created are a graphical representation of one aspect of perception: the olfactory sense. The grain of one image originates airy particles that impregnate our vision. The images become the smell of night at the coastal town, and the orange tree courtyard in the district of Raval. Each photogram is printed on transparent tape, and glued on clear 16mm leader. Monica Savirón.

Untitled (#1 25/25 x 10/4)     2016                            – Jenny Baines
16mm, B&W, double-screen, 2:30mins
Work in progress/part of a series.
Jenny performs repeated, often absurd tasks for the camera and is interested not only in the action witnessed in the projected frame, but also what is suggested beyond or between frames.  She uses the camera(s) as protagonists whereby their mechanism and her own physical endurance are integral to the potential of synchronous action between screens.

In the wake of #2 .               2014                –   Antoine Ledroit & Aurélie Percevault
16mm, colour, silent, 5mins
A presence by an absence.
Condensation and repetition of the past, these fleeting moments captured and forgotten.
Webcam shots of empty roads in Finland found on the internet and kinsecoped in Super8 and 16mm in Mire lab in France.

Street Hassle                                     2016                                                   – Louis Benassi
16mm, 4 projector , digital sound                        10 mins
Shot and Found footage of Public protests, from the 60s and 70s to the present. “Choreographed” mass movements sweeping through the screens from right to left and straight ahead, the central screen conjures up the fabricators of Political facts and fictions, symbols and signs of a disintegrating spectacle on a sequential Arc of disrupted chronologies, doubles, superimpositions and repetitions.


Monumental Errors               2016                            – Karel Doing
Monumental Errors
Expanded cinema performance, 5 minutes, 2016.
In conversation with more stable voices on the optical track, the presenter stutters his way through a minefield of interruptions, enlightened by his gadget. The pictured beacons of human civilisation can hardly be disentangled from this mess.

Katagami                                            2016                           – Michael Lyons
Super 8, 18fps, B&W , Silent, 3 mins
Stop-motion animation made by photographing and re-photographing
antique kimono resist-dyeing stencils in positive and negative. Small
variations in the repeating pattern elements generate apparent motion.
Developed in Matchanal (Uji powdered green tea, Vitamin C, Washing Soda)

Gestation                                2016                                          – Haley Peterson
16mm, B&W silent, 2.5 mins
A girl wraps herself in silk.  Her movement is repeated in shifting fragments, hand printed from the original to create a disorienting and hypnotic performance to camera.

Still Feeling Blue About Colour Separation     2015     Christine Lucy Latimer
Super-8, cyanotype, silent, 2 mins
This film rephotographs over 200 internet-sourced images of ‘Macbeth ColorChecker’ cards on to super-8mm cyanotype emulsion. Macbeth Cards (precision tools in colour film processing), were a popular accessory for small-gauge Kodachrome filmmakers in the 1970’s. They have since been re-adopted by contemporary digital photographers, who use them to compare lighting scenarios on internet blogs and forums.
Tracing the history of the colour calibration card through many lenses, I effectively remove all colours, save one.

Finding Focus                           2016                                     -Laura Hindmarsh
16mm B&W, silent, 4mins
Shot on slow print stock at Lake George, a 25km-long, flat and intermittent lake 40 kilometres north-east of the Australian Capital Territory. Myths surrounding the lake’s sudden fluctuation in volume include mysterious drownings, rumours the water drains into other lakes around the world, and beliefs the lake’s level can predict the outcome of federal elections.

The Water  Show Extravaganza           2016                                – Sophie Michael
16mm, colour, optical sound, 10 mins
The Watershow Extravaganza records a water-music- light attraction which has been in operation at Watermouth Castle theme park in North Devon since the early 1980s. Installed in a child-sized theatre, the performance synchrosises a 1920s Mighty Mortier Organ with a water tray exhibited at the Festival of Britain in 1951. It also incorporates mechanical hands, union jacks, fibreglass fountains from 1970s and plastic plants.
With thanks to Watermouth Castle, Devon.


 Nature Morte                           2015                                                 – Jim Hobbs
16mm B&W,  OPT sound, 10 mins
Nature Morte is a suite of 16mm films composed of different floral arrangements, whereby the subject matter also transforms into a source of sound. Looking back towards Robert Mapplethorpe’s early flower photographs, the flowers represented here are simultaneously life and death – and as such have a frequency that hums with tension. For this screening, sound artist Russel Duke will improvise with the optical soundtrack to create a sonic response the images.

Model Village                         2016                Lucy Harris & sound by Sybella Perry
16mm, colour, sound, 3 mins
An exploration of the observer and the observed, Model village is a film of illusion, scale and curiosity.

 9 Objects                                 2016                                        – Bill Leslie
16mm, B&W, silent, 2.5 mins
9 Objects is a sequence. A choreography for film. One object after another. It is part of a project with the deceptively simple title, ‘what happens to sculpture when it is filmed and photographed?’, which explores in practice the potential relationships between sculptural objects and different representational media. How do the particular qualities of the medium affect the objects that appear? How strange and intense can they look when re-presented?

 Pending                                     2016                          – Bea Haut
16mm, B&W OPT sound, 5 mins
A sympathetic film between audience and artist. Assisting with the formation of a ‘living loop’ the audience conjoins with the artist and the subject in duration and suspension.

Space film Continuum (8 Miles High)            2016               – David Leister
16mm multiple projection
Harking back to his Kino Club roots, D. Leister will provide live interventions with light, colour and 16mm shadows. A recently found film from the archives, Space Flight Around the Earth, is enhanced with multi layered projections and images. In the absence of live music, a medley of familiar tunes will accompany the orbit. Flight time is approx. 10 minutes…


Produced by Bea Haut,
Technically Upholstered by David Leister
and hosted by Lo & Behold.

Many thanks to all the artists for their contributions and especial thanks to Gavin O’Shea, Lucy Harris, Laura Hindmarsh, Jenny Baines, Monica Meyer, Jim Hobbs, Karel Doing and Insight Lighting.