Wallaw Preview Time

Mat Fleming 2013

Wallaw Preview time was made slowly over the course of 2 years. The commission was to make a response to the Wallaw cinema in Blyth (1937 – 2004) and was originally to be shot conventionally but the buildings owners withdrew access once Wetherspoons expressed an interest in buying the building. I had previously gone into the building and taken what film i could find and some 35mm still photographs with 4-perf compsitions in mind. I used that material as well as some deco fabric patterns which i animated in a very convoluted way to create a homage in Film Bee’s lab where we have a 35mm printer. I am yet to make a ‘showprint’ from the master which will be projected tonight. The original music is by BR Wallers. The Commissioners were Rednile Projects.

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