Transitions At The Horizontal. Jameela Khan. 2013

Jameela Khan. 2013

Transitions At The Horizontal 2013 35 mm, 1 min, b/w
The role of the tea set is central to the 1983 Punjabi film, ‘Long Da Lishkara’ by Harpal Tiwana. As Raja- having been away studying in Canada- visits his mother, he introduces the radical notion of having afternoon tea with Pito, the housemaid. The mother as well as Pito give into his small request; however, on a personal level, much more has been introduced into this household and those connected to it. The horizontal in Escher’s ‘Sky and Water I’ denotes a place of obscurity and a common ground, which is represented by the tea set that Pito unwillingly introduces to the scene.

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